(WIP) Shattered Pieces

This is something I just started working on to help process the passing of someone who is very dear to me. My father-in-law was an incredible man of genuine love and generosity. I miss him more than this poem could portray.

I am trying to understand what it means to find the beauty in death. Keep in mind, it’s a work in progress. The cadence of this rhyme is different for me. My go-to is duh DUH duh DUH, this starts with the emphasized syllable. Which I find harder to write, but I think shows more of the pain.


Shattered Pieces

Once in beauty, whole and free

Solid once to touch and see

You would dance in sunlight days.

Now, overt my heavy gaze

From these shattered piece.


Effort, will, and silent prayers

Cannot force the right repairs.

Pieces slipping through my grasp.

How long will this torture last?


Blood now mixes with my tears.

Curses fall for silent years,

Hollow now without you there.

Future days I cannot bear.


Anger surges through my veins.

Nothing shines where sorrow reigns.

Numb to music, taste, and scent.

Clocks keep ticking my resent.


Can I seek the beauty found

Scattered all along the ground;

Trying for a new design,

Glistening as though divine?

What are your thoughts?