What would you like to see?

Now that I am finished with my school work, I am able to focus on getting posts out again. I wanted to ask you what you would like more of going forward.

I definitely want to do more Spotlights, because I really enjoy getting to know other authors / artists more and I think it’s a great way to network. Do you have someone you’d love to see in a Spotlight?

I’ve done some Book Reviews, which are fun, but the down side to book reviews is it’s very much just my opinion and my opinion could be very different from another reader. Do you have any books you would like to see me read and review?

I’ve also done writing prompt blogs, which are really great way to get some writing done and a blog done … but they don’t usually end up being very strong writing and sometimes I wonder if it’s worth actually putting up. Do you enjoy seeing other people’s prompt writing?

Same thing with writing exercises from craft books I’ve read. I’ve done a few, but wonder if it’s interesting enough to read for a blog.

All that to say … what do you want to see more of? What have you enjoyed so far? Do you like the wide range of blogs, or would you prefer it be more focused?

Thank you for being there for me! I’m looking forward to building this up more.

What are your thoughts?