Steam & Steel: Thirteen Riveting Tales

Available on Amazon. HCS Publishing’s Steampunk anthology. Edited by myself, and including my short story “To Fetch A Pail of Water” illustrated by A. P. Maclay.

Midnight Forest

Available on Amazon. Meet a raccoon searching for food, a fox chasing bats, dragons waking for adventure, and more! This rhyming picture book is designed with the visually impaired in mind, and for all to enjoy. Illustrated by A. P. Maclay.



The Day I Fell Into The Sky

Published under Donna Patterson. A little girl chases a butterfly and tumbles into the sky. The clouds are happy for a visitor and show her their favorite spots to watch. This comic is part of the anthology Juice Box: An Ink and Drink Comics Anthology For Kids of All Ages. Illustrated by Jesse Kwe.

Click here to view Juice Box


“Infant Goddess”

“Infant Goddess” is published online in Remixt Magazine. It is a poem about my daughter that alludes to the goddess she was named after. Which one? That would be too easy. Can you figure it out?

Click here to read “Infant Goddess”