Athlete’s Blessing

Please watch my YouTube video about my fundraiser for my twin sister!

“Athlete’s Blessing” is an original poem I wrote for my twin sister Deborah Chucoski, who is an incredible athlete and an inspiration to many. I have watched her journey with Stargardt Disease from diagnosis at age 15 to para-triathlete 2024 Olympic hopeful. I wanted to help raise money for her races as she participates all over the world in para-triathlons and competes for her chance at the Paris 2024 para-triathlon Olympics. This is a fundraiser for her to help pay for her travel, equipment, entry fees, and more.
This poem is dedicated to all the amazing athletes out there training in bad weather, adjusting for injuries, pushing for that new PR, and never hitting snooze. May this blessing find you, wherever you are in your journey, and inspire you to keep going.

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