Book Review: The Daughter Song by Jessica Hughes

Hello friends. I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted. I’m starting back up with a Book Review of a wonderful picture book. I intend to pick up my postings again. I usually aim for every Sunday. All is well here, just found it hard to get to this recently.

Hughes has captured the love a mother has for her daughter in this lyrical story she illustrated The Daughter Song. Hughes’s ability to portray the ups and downs of motherhood, the silliness and ouchies, the stolen chocolate and grumpy time-outs through well-crafted lyrics is fantastic. There is a strong note of pride for the daughter in every word, even while acknowledging the tough spots.

This book brought me to tears as I read it to my own daughter. And it is a book she repeatedly asks for. I believe even at my daughter’s young age she understands the depth of love illustrated throughout the pages. As I read the book aloud, not only does it flow well with no wasted words, I find myself agreeing with every single one. And I think my daughter hears that in my voice. The book is a beautiful ode to daughters.

copyright image from my copy of The Daughter Song

I appreciate Hughes’s illustrations as well. It adds a wonderful layer of playfulness, color, and depth. The illustrations enhance the magical moments the mother and daughter have together, and I believe her chosen style works perfectly.

Every page of this picture book is packed full of the vibrancy of the relationship between a mother and daughter. Her language, mix of emotions, and the simple yet profound celebration will have you reading it over and over to find deeper and fuller meaning.

copyright image from my copy of The Daughter Song

I enjoyed working with Hughes on this book as her editor for HCS Publishing. It was an absolute joy to see this book come to life and be published. It is very well crafted and I highly recommend this book. You can check her and other HCS authors out here.

What are your thoughts?