Atlanta Steampunk Exposition: Victorian Nightmares

I was invited to join Dave Lee and his wife Aela Badiana for the second annual Atlanta Steampunk Expo this year from October 26-28. I had a truly wonderful time!

First and foremost, a huge thank you to the incredible team who made this expo a grand experience. Thank you Bill Harrison and Naomi Grumwald-Eberhart for welcoming me and for taking such good care of everyone. Everything ran smoothly, the crew members were professional and hard-working, and the atmosphere was inviting and fun. Everyone felt welcomed and taken care of at a personal level, and the overall convention was a success.

Dealer’s Room: Neat, organized, and set up expertly. I spent a lot of time behind the HCS Publishing table, but I got a chance to explore. I was impressed by the variety of the vendors. Each table showcased masterful works: from tailored costumes to original books to trinkets made from recycled gadgets; not to mention the delicious fudge, incredible artwork, and quality shaving equipment. Behind each vending table stood a smiling, knowledgeable creator eager to showcase their skills.

Panels: The panels were organized and the topics were well thought-out. I was a guest panelist during one, which was delightful. I enjoy talking about Steampunk! Panels are always a great time to see what your favorite author / craftsman is up to and hear what they think about your topics of interest.

Valentine Wolfe’s live soundtrack: I must highlight the incredible experience I had (for experience it was!) watching Braxton and Sarah perform a live soundtrack to the silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. What a thrill! Valentine Wolfe brought another dimension the film with their stunning performance. (Pictured: Me showing off Valentine Wolfe’s t-shirt with the talented Braxton.)

Performances: Saturday night started off with Charmaine Sinclair dazzling the crowd. The audience cheered Aela Badiana as she performed her gorgeous belly dancing and sword routine. Valentine Wolfe brought Mary Shelley into our hearts with songs from their new album The Haunting of Mary Shelley. Finally, DJ Spider took the stage to rock with her fellow music lovers into the early hours of the next morning. (Pictured: Dave and Aela, an amazing couple!)

New Friends: I had the absolute pleasure of making new acquaintances with some incredible people while I was there. I love the atmosphere of conventions like these. People coming together to laugh and catch up, while simultaneously showcasing their masterwork skills in costume and inventions. Connections are made for more fun projects down the road, new friendships are formed over the love of all things Steampunk, and if you’re lucky an encounter leaves you wondering if something from another realm happened to pop in and have a little fun of their own.

What are your thoughts?