Let’s Write a Story Together

I realize some comment on the site here, and some comment on my FB post, so we may end up with two stories ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it will be twice the fun! I will start us off. Comment below to add to the story. The next person should continue from the last comment. Here we go!

Charlotte twisted and turned as the first light of morning crept into room. She hadn’t slept well last night. Suddenly, she sprang up and grabbed her phone. December 17! How could it be? She hadn’t started on Christmas shopping yet!

She jumped out of bed and started the water for a shower.

One thought on “Let’s Write a Story Together

  1. FY says:

    Not sure where the story is at on FB, but what a fun idea ๐Ÿ™‚ so here’s to continuing it here.

    ‘Is Greg expecting a gift this year?’ Charlotte unbuttoned her flannel top and threw her pajamas on the hamper pile. She hit the glowing blue button on the radio system that ran through the house, a Greg home-project first, and a commercial for Buckeye’s Bistro filtered out the sound of the shower. Maybe she’d sleep better if her to-do list wasn’t tipping towards her, a literal mountain of dirty underwear and wet towels to climb. ‘Just a quick run to the mall,’ she thought, her eye on her now exposed skin. “Stop kidding yourself.” Charlotte’s chest sunk in at the sound of the voice, “You’re not going to find a guy…” Charlotte turned off the radio and leaned towards the mirror. Another new mole. She rubbed at a tiny splotch below her right clavicle, it seemed like she was discovering new markings and indents on her skin every week for the past three months. ‘Nothing speeds up the biological clock like being single,’ Charlotte reached a hand around the shower curtain to check the temperature, ‘At least there’s always hot…’ ice.

    Pellets of ice cold water hammered down on Charlotte’s palm.

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