Sneak Peek – my thesis

Today I am giving you a sneak peek of my thesis. My thesis is a YA novel based on my life, growing up with three sisters with Stargardt Disease. The style of the book will be a blend of prose and poetry. I hope to capture the complexity of emotions I experienced growing up, and highlight the incredible strength of my sisters.

Danielle’s Story
First born.
First daughter.
First to perplex
the ophthalmologist.
Two years of
Two years of
Two years of
“Why can’t I see?”
First to force
the ophthalmologist
to discover what a rare twist
of DNA
could do.
While the coming
of teenage years
and the going
of childhood days
should have been
boys, make up, and music.
The first to understand
her search for
would begin with
the loss of
her sight.

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