Revision of a WIP

Hi friends! I promised a revision of the picture book I posted a few weeks ago, and here it is! It still needs some work, but it’s amazing what some critiques and edits can do 🙂

So Many Stairs!

Time to get up, we have places to go!

Bump, bump, thud down the stairs lit with morning sunlight.

Out the door, we clunk down cold metal steps to the street.

The busy stairs in the subway swoosh us to the rails to wait for our train. [illustrator note, it’s an escalator]

When we get to the city, the popular stone steps let us sit on them to eat a donut. [stone steps around a pretty fountain]

We visit the museum where important marble stairs lead us to exciting exhibits. I chose to go up the right side and down the left. [a ‘Y’ stair case]

We sit on the rough stone steps again to eat pizza. [throwing crust to the birds]

Playful stairs invite us to the zoo. The red panda is my favorite.

Then, we go to the library. The thoughtful stairs swirl up, up, up. I am dizzy at the top! I pick some books to take home and read.

We walk back to the subway, swoosh, back down to the rails, and get back on the train going home.

I clunk up the cold metal steps two at a time.

My feet are tired.

It’s time to read some books before bed.

I bump, bump, up the stairs… thud [falls asleep on the stairs].

What are your thoughts?